Organic feed chickens

In Bifeedoo with the best organic bulk feed for first-age chickens. These have the most suitable analytical components to contribute to their growth, in addition to being ground and granulated feed specially prepared for growing pullets and broilers.

Our bulk feed for broilers is fresh and of excellent quality. These provide them with energy and have the adequate nutritional density to ensure a good initiation and adequate body weight for the different growth phases. This will allow them to be less vulnerable to diseases and we can reduce costs and obtain good profitability after processing.

The best bulk feed for chickens

Newborn chickens from 0 to 21 days old need to eat natural foods such as wheat, barley and corn, well mixed and ground, to give them the necessary energy intake. This allows them to have a balanced diet, without chemicals, with good digestibility, rich in protein, fat, fiber and minerals.

Raw materials from organic agricultural production are used in Bifeedoo feed, with rigorous quality controls and complete traceability. With decades of experience working in the production of chicken feed, we offer you a tested and certified bulk feed that meets all the necessary quality guarantees. Our specialists thus put at your disposal an organic feed that helps a correct diet and development.

Buying bulk feed for chickens allows you to save time and costs in feeding the chickens in your pen. You will be able to better foresee the amount of organic feed you need and thus provide your chickens with the 100% natural diet they need for fattening and growth. Our compound feeds for organic poultry have no herbicides, GMOs and raw materials that are not allowed for feeding poultry.


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