Premium Clients

At BIFEEDOO we have developed the PREMIUUM program designed for those who want to save time and money on each purchase of feed for their animals.

Periodically receive the freshly ground feed you need, directly from the factory and with a 5% discount.

Save 5% on each order

Our PREMIUM customers enjoy a 5% savings on each order, without any additional subscription costs.


Save time

As it is a recurring purchase, our veterinary team will calculate the amount for you. the amount you need according to the number of animals you have. You will not have to think about ordering again.


Freshly ground feed in every order

By knowing when your next shipment will be, we can guarantee that the feed will be delivered. freshly ground.


Cancel whenever you want

15 days before the next shipment you will receive an email in which we will ask you if you want to modify or cancel your recurring purchase: advance it, delay it, change quantities or deactivate the service. All with a simple click!


Personalized service

Our veterinary team will contact you. with you to get to know your animals and advise you on your best options. will advise you about the care, nutrition, facilities and will solve any problems. all your doubts.

How to hire it

Place an order with the desired feed and, during the purchase process, indicate that you want to register in our program as a "Premiuum Customer".

Mark the approximate date on which you want to receive the next order and it will automatically be applied. the conditions of "Premiuum Client”.

A few days before sending you the next order, you will receive a notice to modify or cancel it.

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