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Algunos consejos sobre el pienso ecológico para cerdos mascota

Son animalitos cariñosos, inteligentes y muy sociables. Los cerdos mascota son uno de los mejores compañeros que se pueden tener en el hogar. Debes saber que la alimentación de estos pequeños mamíferos es diferente a la de sus parientes que se crían en granjas, por lo que debes tener cuidado con el pienso que se les ofreces.

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We tell you the importance of a good diet in dairy cattle

It is, of course, that a well-fed cow will produce more and better quality milk, also achieving greater well-being for her.

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Organic sheep production

We know that there is a need to have pastures for sheep regardless of the time of year, which has forced shepherds over the centuries to carry out transhumance, which, as you well know, is traveling on foot with the cattle to take advantage of available pastures in each region and time of year.

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