Why you should offer your chickens organic feed in coarse flour format

Why you should offer your chickens organic feed in coarse flour format

Our chickens are, without a doubt, the joy of the farmyard. Anyone you talk to who has chickens will tell you that they are his “little ones” and his “loves”. They are sociable, affectionate animals and they recognize their owners! It is normal that, with so much affection towards them, those of us who have these down jackets in our pens, want the best, the best place where they can live and the best food. That is why feeding them with the feed prepared for good development and good health is essential to care for them. At Bifeedoo we take care that the chickens are fed with the best formulation of organic feed, and we are really concerned that they eat all the feed that we have prepared for them, so that they consume all the nutrients they need to enjoy good health. Thus, we offer the market and our customers a feed in coarse flour format, or coarse flour, which is ideal for chickens to eat every last crumb.

Benefits of coarse flour or coarse flour feed for chickens

Chickens naturally eat whole grains. Their digestive system consists of a gizzard and a stomach, and it is there, in the gizzard, that the whole grain is ground. This process occurs thanks to the small stones that the chickens peck and store in that organ.

The organic feed in coarse flour format makes the gizzard work naturally. If we offer our chickens a feed that is too ground, the gizzard does not perform its function properly, so the digestive health of the hen will not be optimal. On the other hand, if the feed is too thick, it is more difficult for the hens to digest it and they do not take advantage of 100% of the nutrients that we give them.

With the grain in coarse flour format, it contributes to the functioning of the gizzard and helps to improve the digestion of the food.

How to make chickens eat all the feed

One of the headaches for many of us who have chickens is that they eat all the feed, not just the big pieces... the very clever ones, hahaha!

Did you know that in the finest parts of Bifeedoo organic feed are most of some very important nutrients? That's right, in the part of the flour are the calcium that is essential for the formation of the egg shell, the vitamins that are involved in all the functions of the organism of our hens, and a large part of the protein that they use for the formation of the clear

To get the chickens to eat everything you must:

  • Put a quantity of feed that they are going to eat until the next distribution.
  • Feed more often. The ideal is two or three times a day, but if you can't, one would be fine. Avoid distributing the feed every 3 - 4 days.
  • Do not put new feed until they have finished the previous one.

The idea is that the chickens finish everything that is put in them, so as not to waste any of the feed ration.

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