We have an organic feed for laying hens capable of achieving a harder shell

We have an organic feed for laying hens capable of achieving a harder shell

At Bifeedoo we have a product designed to help improve the quality of egg shells: our organic feed for hard shell laying hens.

A feed that provides around 10% more calcium

The particularity of this compound feed, specially designed for laying hens, is that, apart from having the ideal nutrients and amounts to contribute to the energy and protein intake necessary to obtain top-quality eggs, it contributes to achieving approximately 10% extra calcium to the animal. As a result, this organic feed helps hens to synthesize a harder egg shell, managing to combat calcium deficiency.

When is it necessary to strengthen eggshells?

There are times when broken eggs are found in the chicken coop. Or that, even though they are whole, when picked up they break very easily. In addition, it can happen that, when handling them in the kitchen, although the egg does not really break prematurely, you do have that strange feeling that its shell is especially fragile.

In this type of case, it is best to replace the feed for laying hens with hard-shelled ones since, despite the fact that the first feed is usually enough to get eggs with the right shell, other times a reinforcement is required.

What causes eggs to hatch?

Chickens can come to suffer stressful situations that induce them to produce fewer eggs. Also that their eggs break. Especially as a result of the high temperatures typical of summer or living in areas with fairly high temperatures.

On the other hand, the age of the hens can also influence their production: those that are very young, or the oldest, could require help in the form of special feed if their eggs break easily or if their shell is damaged. fragile, thus avoiding any type of problem.

The role of calcium for chickens

Calcium plays an important role in the nutrition of laying hens. And it is that it is the main component of the eggshell, but also of the skeleton of the animal itself, being key in numerous biological processes such as muscle contraction. As a consequence, an extra calcium intake is important at special times in stressful situations, or also as a consequence of the age of the hens.

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