We tell you the importance of organic feed for hard-shelled laying hens

We tell you the importance of organic feed for hard-shelled laying hens

The hardness of the egg shell is very important since, if the shell is not hard enough, the eggs can break more easily due to a blow from the hens themselves or when picking them up from the chicken coop. You can buy organic feed for laying hens hard shell online at any moment and from any place and with the comfort that they bring it to your home. Today we explain to you some benefits of buying organic feed for laying hens that will contribute to your health. This is because the shell of the eggs is harder. In addition, we will remind you of another piece of information highly valued by our customers, the Premium plan, a subscription that, in addition to benefiting from a discount on orders, will save you time.

Improves the hardness of the eggshell with organic feed

The properties of the eggs are given by the composition of the feed. For this reason, the product intended to improve the hardness of eggshells is specially formulated with a higher calcium content, which helps to prevent laying hens from laying soft and brittle eggs of low quality.

Another very important aspect regarding the hardness of the egg shell is that it can affect its quality since, if a shell is not resistant and is brittle, there is a greater risk that the egg will break. can be contaminated by bacteria.

When hens are in full egg production age, it can affect their body and the quality of the shell, as poor nutrition can cause conditions in the animal.

At around 16 weeks of age, hens reach sexual maturity. Estrogen levels rise and the oviduct begins to grow very rapidly. Around 18 weeks they will lay their first egg and will need a large supply of calcium for the shell to form.

The egg laying cycle is daily. In the afternoon, just before eggshell formation begins, hens have a specific appetite for calcium. And at night, when the eggshell forms, the production of vitamin D is stimulated, which increases the absorption of calcium by the tissues of the intestine.

Take care of your hens with correct and adequate nutrition throughout the laying period, with optimal calcium levels. This will maintain her general health and help her accumulate enough calcium in the medullary bone (the calcium store for shell calcification) and form and maintain oviductal tissues in laying cycles. prolonged maintaining a good quality of the shell.

Make sure you always have fresh feed, with the comfort of our Premium program

As we told you at the beginning, it is an advantage to have the internet and be able to buy feed online comfortably from any computer, phone or tablet. In our online store we offer you the possibility of buying sacks so that the best food for your farmyard animals is never lacking. We also offer you a Premium service that will allow you to Make a subscription and determine the frequency with which feed shipments are made, so you will always have fresh products without having to be aware of making a new purchase every time you are shopping. running out of feed In addition, you benefit from a 5% discount on orders. Isn't it okay? bad, right?

Visit our section to become a Premium client for more information.

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