Organic sheep production

Organic sheep production

Livestock feeding is the main concern of shepherds and ranchers, since good health and correct productive performance depend on it. Today one of the most natural ways to fatten lambs is organic lamb feed, like the one we offer you, notable for its high quality and great nutritional value, since we manufacture it with the best raw materials. In addition, we have feed for lactating sheep and for the rearing of replacement lambs, all of them with their organic feed certification.

We would like to talk about transhumance, which has been classified as intangible cultural heritage of our country, so the routes that remain practicable have been protected to prevent their loss. These routes through which the cattle pass receive different names, for example, in Andalusia they are called sidewalks of meat, in Aragon they are cabañeras, in Catalonia raced, and in Castile they are called cords, ropes or galianas.

The livestock trails or cabañeras are paths that link traditional grazing areas in Spain, and some of them have, in turn, the name of Cañada Real, they are the ones that were regulated by royal edict of Alfonso X el Sabio in 1273.

Transhumance is very important, since it contributes both to the conservation of the environment and to the agrarian economy, since it prevents the erosion of the field, contributes to the cleaning of the mountain, and keeps the rural environment alive.

In transhumance, the sheep feed on different pastures that they find until they reach their destination, the mountain pastures in summer or the pastures of the south of the Peninsula in winter). They feed on short grasses made up of grasses, clover, wild alfalfa (myelga), bushes with acorns such as Kermes oak, etc. By abandoning the practice of transhumance, farmers have had to resort to compound feed and dry fodder to feed their animals in times of grass scarcity. Today, the best option for animals to have a natural and balanced diet is to combine grazing with supplementation based on quality forage and organic feed.

The feeding of the sheep must take into account aspects such as the aptitude of the animals, their age and their body size, since these factors are what determine the needs of the animal.

We offer you the perfect feed for sheep farming, in addition, you can use it in organic production in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008.

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